In 2017, 23 women in Wakiso district were infamously raped and murdered. What happened to them? Why aren’t their cases resolved? 

Voicing Entebbe Christine Ayo

Voicing Entebbe is an ongoing project that started as a personal archive dedicated to documenting these unresolved tragedies. This site serves as a repository for the multifaceted ways of investigating and unravelling the underlying issues behind these murders and what it means for women to claim agency concerning sexual violence and stigma.

Since 2017, I have engaged in various artistic methods of researching these cases as shown under (see menu tab);

These interventions and collaborations took place in Uganda between May and August 2018. Previous works on Voicing Entebbe carried out in the Netherlands are as shown below;

Archive : Read the articles about the unresolved cases in chronological order HERE.

22 Blood prints: is a photographic documentation of a participatory event involving 22 women in the Netherlands. I circulated an open call by word of mouth, and through a closed feminist social media group in the Netherlands inviting participants who wanted to get involved in the project. Over lunch, we talked about life. Later, we made breast prints with my blood onto white cotton sheets - an act in response to ritual practices that place women’s value on their sexuality.

25:  A site specific installation made of 25 unique pre owned photo frames, formerly worn hair extensions. and tie wraps. I used this concept of memory and loss in reference to the stories of the women that are unknown to us but still important to the households in which they belong.

If you would like to get involved with the project, connect with us HERE!

Much appreciation,

Christine Ayo

25, a Site specific installation at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

25, a Site specific installation at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

22 Blood prints, participatory event, Nijmegen, 2017

22 Blood prints, participatory event, Nijmegen, 2017