Voicing Entebbe is an initiative of Christine Ayo, a Ugandan interdisciplinary Artist based in The Netherlands. This project initially provided a digital platform to archive information about the rape and murders of over 23 women of Entebbe municipality in 2017.  From hereon, Ayo is building a monument to commemorate the women of Entebbe in July 2018 . The monument will be installed at the Mayor’s Garden in addition to augmenting this site by collectively  cultivating native plants, trees and flowers.  This being a community centred project,  Ayo is  collaborating with Ugandan creatives, counsellors and the community of Entebbe to help activate the site in honour of the women of Entebbe. The results of this project will be presented as a collaborative public art work that engages intergenerational participants in exchanging meaningful dialogue concerning gender based violence.

With the support of 32degrees East, the finished monument  and documentation will be showcased during KLA public Art festival in August 2018. 

Related artworks

Digital archive : Read the articles about the killings in chronological order HERE.

22 Blood prints: is a photographic documentation of a participatory happening involving 22 women from various walks of life in the Netherlands.  

25: The site specific installation below is made of 25 unique pre owned photo frames and formerly worn hair extensions. I used this concept of memory and loss in reference to the stories of the women that are unknown to us but still important to the households in which they belong.

Voordekunst: Visit the fundraising campaign HERE

Christine Ayo
 25, a Site specific installation  at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

25, a Site specific installation  at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

 Crowdfunding on Voordekunst.nl

Crowdfunding on Voordekunst.nl


 Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign on Voordekunst, the project is currently under implementation in Entebbe, Uganda.