In 2017, 23 women in Entebbe were infamously raped and murdered. What happened to them? When does Justice come?

Voicing Entebbe is an act of art and activism initiated by interdisciplinary artist, Christine Ayo. The project started as an archive dedicated to documenting these unsolved tragedies. Ayo together with poet, Ife Piankhi and Daisy Aloyo ( Entebbe Division B Speaker) spent time with women in Entebbe, using art and poetry to encourage dialogue around women's safety and feminist issues. These workshops and relationships have contributed to the development of Voicing Entebbe installation which to be showcased  at KLA ART 18, geared towards addressing gender based violence in Uganda. During KLA ART, this installation will travel along the Kampala- Entebbe road to several locations in Entebbe on the afternoon of the 26th. 

- Written by Nikissi Serumanha Jamo


Archive : Read the articles about the killings in chronological order HERE.

22 Blood prints: is a photographic documentation of a participatory action involving 22 women from various walks of life in the Netherlands.  

25:  A site specific installation made of 25 unique pre owned photo frames, formerly worn hair extensions. and tie wraps. Ayo used this concept of memory and loss in reference to the stories of the women that are unknown to us but still important to the households in which they belong.

Voordekunst: Revisit the fundraising campaign HERE

 25, a Site specific installation  at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

25, a Site specific installation  at Oude Kraan 74 Arnhem , 2017

 Crowdfunding on

Crowdfunding on


Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign on Voordekunst, the project is currently under implementation in Entebbe, Uganda.