Voicing Entebbe started as an art activist initiative of Christine Ayo addressing the unresolved spate rape and murders of  over 23 women of Entebbe, Uganda in 2017.  From this starting point, Ayo is planning to build a monument for the women of Entebbe in June 2018 with the participation of local Ugandan Artists and the community of Entebbe. This  project will be presented as a collaborative public art work that engages intergenerational participants in exchanging meaningful dialogue concerning gender based violence.



A site specific intervention transforming an unused piece of land into a public flower park is the first template for the monument. The concept is to foster community building by injecting beauty and tranquility in an area that has been filled with adversity.  


 Site specific installation for  Voicing Entebbe , 2017

Site specific installation for Voicing Entebbe, 2017


 The site specific installation above also serves as inspiration for the monument. It is made out of 25 unique pre owned photo frames. Ayo used this concept of memory and loss in reference to the stories of the women that are unknown to us but still important to the households in which they belonged. Within this project, participants can also collectively create a site specific installation from materials that are important to them regarding their own stories concerning gender based violence. These can be translated into a collective installation placed at the allocated location in Entebbe

 Crowdfunding on Voordekunst.nl

Crowdfunding on Voordekunst.nl


 We just completed a successful fundraising campaign on Voordekunst to realise this project. See it here here