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Voicing Entebbe is an initiative of Christine Ayo, a Ugandan interdisciplinary Artist based in The Netherlands. This project initially provided a digital platform to archive information about the rape and murders of  over 23 women of Entebbe municipality in 2017.  From hereon, Ayo is building a monument to commemorate the women of Entebbe in July 2018 . The monument will be installed at the Mayor’s Garden in addition to augmenting this site by cultivating native plants, trees and flowers.  This being a community centred project,  Ayo is  collaborating with Ugandan creatives, thinkers, counsellors and the community of Entebbe to help activate the site in honour of the women of Entebbe.




27 June 2018

It is with great enthusiasm that I am introducing two new collaborators of Voicing Entebbe -  Ife Piankhi and Daisy Aloyo. 

Daisy Aloyo is  a counsellor and speaker of Division B, Entebbe Municipality.  An advocate for women's rights, Daisy organised a peaceful procession from Nakiwogo to Kitoro  in September 2017 as a way of rallying the local community to find solutions to the murders of the then 23 women of Wakiso. 

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For over 27 years, Ife Piankhi has been facilitating the development of young people, women and civic society. Her unique blend of skills allows her to interact with participates in a number of areas including health and wellness, creativity and personal development. She has worked with organizations such as MEMPROW, Fitclique Africa, Ugandan Feminist Forum, Raising Voices, Isis Wicce, Babishai Niwe poetry award, Amakula Film Festival, Open Mic Uganda, International School of Uganda, Peace Corp, Living Goods and In Movement – Art for Social Change to name but a few.

Her practice allows her to fuse her creative expression into a holistic approach to explore themes and empower participates to develop their own creative expression.Her classes are fun and informative as she is also widely read on African pre-history.

A regular contributor to the East African creative industry, Ife is a committee member of the Laba Arts Festival (Goethe centrum), feature writer for the Accelerator magazine (Rwanda), and mentor to many young Ugandan artists. Visit Ife's website  to read more about her work.  




13 JUNE 2018

Voicing Entebbe has officially begun in Entebbe, Uganda. On Wednesday 13th June, I met with the Mayor of Entebbe, Mr Vincent De Paul Kayanja. After several months of corresponding online, we were able to finally officiate the start of the project. I was accompanied by Mirembe Musisi, a landscape artist residing in Fort portal. We discussed the potential impact of the project and the importance of creating a space that pools and empowers the local community to come together and commemorate the women of Entebbe-Nansana through art. Mayor Kayanja offered his full support and referred us to his Deputy and Site Engineer to show us  the location for implementation. We were taken to a place called the Mayor’s Garden which is a public park with great visibility and accessibility to commuters on the main Kampala-Entebbe road.

Upon entering the park, we saw a mighty mound in our vicinity. We got to learn that this mound had previously housed three flags; the Ugandan Flag, Entebbe municipality Flag and East African Flag. Due to theft , the space was now left vacant.  The Mayor's garden was officiated by the president of Uganda in 1994 however, the plaque with its inscription was scratched  off over the years.  The decision to build a monument onto this vacant space was made based on the fact that this move would evoke more reflection on the act itself in consideration of the political contention that the unresolved murders stirred last year. 

The plan for the coming weeks is mobilising the local community of Entebbe to participate in our interactive and performative project. We are truly excited and grateful to have come this far!